A set of card that extensively impact gameplay in the game. They include Power-up Cards, Switch Cards, Level Cards and Demo Cards.

Power-up CardsEdit

Power-up card item cards and switch cards. The impact on the overall game varies by the card.

Item CardsEdit

Item Cards give you an item, including lives and inventory items. They allow you to scan at any time to add lives or items. Some items can not be obtained in the main game any other way outside of gameshark hacking.

Switch CardsEdit

Switch Cards Change have an major impact on the overall game some are restricted to be used only in the main game while some will also work in World E.

Level CardsEdit

Level Cards add new levels on which can be played in World E. These levels fall into 3 different classes and have 5 levels of difficulty. Each level contains 1-5 A coins and may contain an E-Coin. The A coins are used to unlock the mushroom houses which each have bonus

Star LevelsEdit

Star Levels are based on Super Mario Bros 1. They basically recreate the classic levels of the game using the in-game mechanics and sprites.

Mushroom LevelsEdit

Mushroom levels add brand new levels to the game which feature new features from other games or those exclusive to Super Mario Advance 4.

Promotional LevelsEdit

Promotional Levels are like new levels in that they are brand new levels with varying degrees of new matirial. Most of these cards were more difficult to find then the normal cards for instance airship revenge was only released in the US via Walmart. B-Dash, a more recently discovered level card was never officially released into the public and only 500 cards were released to stores where gamers could come and scan it. To this date the card has yet to be dumped.