Quick Mario Bros is a hack of Super Mario Bros 3 by Quick Curly and Googie

Utilities Used in making this hackEdit

  • SMB3 Work Shop by Hukka - Level editing
  • SMB3 Map Editor by Beneficcii- To Edit the Map
  • FCEUXD by bbitmaster- Emulation and Text editing
  • YY-CHR by yy- to edit graphics

back storyEdit

Not much of a plot. Bowser is as predictable as ever and takes Princess Toadstool hostage for the five hundredth time. He was a little sloppy this time though, and he was only able to take over five of the seven original Realms, and then Dark Land - which many will soon consider to be a true... well, you know. You go from Realm 5 which is high in the heavens, to... yeah. He didn't set up many armies, but the armies are determined to succeed, knowing that it will be easier for Bowser to keep track of and punish them all should they fail. Your mission is to rescue the careless and ungrateful Princess, as usual.