Mario Bros was the basis for one of the 2 player mini game in Super Mario Bros 3 where a player on the map could be drawn into a match to battle over life cards, powerups were not used in this version. The Game originally was an arcade game and a successor to Donkey Kong

It appeared again in super mario allstars in the same manner and also as part of a battle game in Super Mario Bros 3

The Game would Latter also reappear as part of all the Super Mario Advance series and Mario and Luigi game with this version featuring up to a 4 player mode (the 2 additional characters have wario and waluigi's palettes, super jumps similar to the charged jumps in super mario bros 2 and spiny's replace koopas as the early character (probably to discourage people who never played mario bros but had played super mario bros to not stomp).

Another spin off this game was a little remembered title called Mario Clash which was only available for the Virtual Boy

Also a little know fact was there were 2 versions of the game for the NES. A superior version known as Mario Bros Classics was faster and included cutscenes however it was only released in Europe. The latter ports for the classics series were based on the original less fateful version

Return of Mario Bros was a Japanese exclusive game for the Famicom Disk writer which featured cut scenes including one advertisement for Super Mario Bros 3 Furikake (Japanese Dried food over rice) thumb|300px|left

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