Koopas are the primary enemies in the super mario bros universe, in super mario bros 3 they come in a variety of forms.

Normal Koopa Troopas Ani smb3koopatroopaEdit

Red shelled koopas go to an edge and turn around, green shelled koopas don't. Stomping on a koopa puts them back in their shell. They will remain there until slammed into another enemy or thrown. However after 10 seconds if no action is taken they emerge from their shell again.

Some of these koopas have wings. Red koopas hop when winged and greens fly in straight paths.

Dry Bones Dry Bones SMB3Edit

Dry Bones are koopa troopa animated skeletons that break appart when stomped only to regenerate. They cant be tossed or killed with fire, but they can in some versions of the game be killed with the tail.

Koops BrothersEdit

Hammer Brothers Ani smb3 hammerbroEdit

toss hammers and jump from one row of blocks to another.

Sledgehammer brothers Ani smb3 sledgebroEdit

are giant hammer brothers who throw big hammers and can stun Mario or Luigi.

Boomerang Brothers Ani smb3 boomerangbroEdit

Boomerang brothers toss boomerangs that come back to them

Fire Brothers Ani smb3 firebroEdit

koopa Brothers who breathe fireballs.

Amazing Flying Hammer Brothers AmazinFlyingHammerBrotherEdit

These koopa brothers ride winged platforms and toss hammers down at Mario or Luigi. Another character from Super Mario World found only in the e-reader levels.


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Magickoopas Smw magikoopaEdit

Magikoopas are enemies originally from super mario world, they however appear in the e-reader levels. They appear and disappear turning blocks into a random enemy or mushroom

Boom Boom Ani smb3 boomboomEdit

A mini boss character. Boom Boom comes in 2 varieties, one leaping into the air after one hit, one sprouts wings. Often they fight alone but occasionally they team up in rom hacks or in super mario advance 4 e-reader levels. Each boom boom takes 3 hits, there fighting patern is always the same except for the second hit form which can either be leaping or flying. The first form consists of raming you and then diving into their spike shell trying to lure you into stomping it. The third form is always chasing you no shell use at all.

Charging Chucks Th mario charginChuckEdit

These aggressive koopas are as big as boom booms but don't fight alone. They only appear in the e-reader levels. Some leap in the air, some just ram you right away. Charging chucks also take 3 stomps.