Super Mario – This is the basic power-up. Mario will become twice his normal size. Fire Mario – This form is obtained after getting a Fire Flower. It allows Mario to shoot fire. Invincible Mario – After getting the Star, Mario will be invincible for a short amount of time. Raccoon Mario – This form can be obtained after getting the Super Leaf. It allows Mario to fly for a short time, and attack with his tail. Hammer Mario – This form can be obtained after collecting a Hammer Suit. It allows Mario to throw hammers like a Hammer Bro.. The only downside is you cannot slide down hills. Frog Mario – Mario turns into this after getting the Frog Suit. The Frog Suit allows Mario to swim through water much easier. Tanooki Mario – Mario transforms into it with the Tanooki Suit. This form's abilities are very similar to Raccoon Mario, but it also includes an additional ability to turn into a statue. Kuribo's Shoe – This shoe can be obtained from a Goomba in Level 5-3. It allows Mario to hop across dangerous objects such as spikes.