The goomba is the koopa armies generic soldiers and fairly easy to beat but they still can catch you off guard.

Regular Goombas Ani smb3goombaEdit

March in a line.

Ani smb3 paragoombawalk Winged Goombas Ani smb3 paragoombawalkrEdit

The winged yellow goomba spray micro goombas down on you wich will temporarily inhibit Mario or Luigi when they jump. Rappidly pressing the jump button will force them off.

The winged Red goomba just hops around a bit.

Pile Driver Micro Goomba PileDriverMicroGoombaEdit

A micro goomba hopping around with a block, stomping it will destroy the block and it.

Shoe Goombas Ani smb3 kuribosgoombaEdit

Goombas who hop around in a green shoes. You can hit them from bellow to steal their shoe wich alows you to walk on piranha plants.

Grand Goombas Ani smb3 giantgoombaEdit

these type of goomba only apear in big island. huge paragoombas were only in the cartoon untill super mario galaxy 2 came out in 2010.

Parachute GoombasEdit

Only found in E-reader levels, these goombas behave the same as they had in Super Mario World only that they can be stomped with a regular jump.


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